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I’d like to introduce you to a special little place in Mebane, NC that goes by the mysterious name of Karma on 3rd. Of course it is right off of Third Street in Mebane but the choice of Karma in the name is the mysterious part. We know that the number 3 pertains to Ephemeresis on Saturn

Saturn and that things governed by Saturn pertain to Karma, as Karma began there, according to the ancient system of Planetary Correspondences. Saturn is said to carry a light inside, or to make its own light. This means that it is guided by Karma, which helps to Light its Way. Perhaps the proprietors knew about this (we don’t know, for sure) but we do know that it is their well-known position that ‘good works rebound’. I believe this is referential to the reciprocative aspect of Karmic Circuition.

Beyond the Mystery of Names, however is the place and its people. It is run by several very conscientious and foresightful folks, notable among them Lorna Haralalka. The menu features very unique and special creations… originals…as it were, including a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and all the food is wholesome and good for you, being made from Locally Grown and Non-GMO food sources. Some herbs are grown on-location.

Additionally, there is a small boutique annexed to the restaurant that purveys unique and interesting items from the East, including Indian imports, fabric, clothing and jewelry.

Mebane, itself, is quite an interesting place downtown, which has become known of late for its artisanal boutiques of unique and interesting character.

An afternoon in Mebane, NC is well worth the travel, especially topped off with a visit to Karma on 3rd, which has live entertainment on occasion. The OM band plays there on selected Saturday nights. Talk about your Saturday Correspondences…